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SoVTA Hosted Saturday Tours @ The Dover Town Forest

Each week SoVTA’s Executive Director Steve Petrik will take a group out and work on the skills new and seasoned users need to be safe and efficient in backcountry touring. This will be a informal, low pressure clinic with a focus on fun and enjoying the natural resource that is the Dover Town Forest. The topics will change from week to week depending on the conditions and the skill level of the group. We will try to post the skills we will be working on the week before so you can plan ahead but again these clinics will tailored to the group and the conditions the day of. These tours are open to everyone and are no drop. We do ask that you can comfortably ski or ride in moderately pitched tree’d terrain. This is not a Ski or Snowboard lesson. Please See the Required Equipment List. If you have any specific questions please feel free to email us at events2022@sovta.org or contact us on social media.

Required Equipment
Backcountry skiing and riding is very different than being at a resort. You will exert way more energy on a tour than you would ever at a ski area. Your body temperature will fluctuate wildly. You will drink way more water than you expect.

Here is some of the equipment that is required and the gear that we suggest you bring to make you tour more comfortable and enjoyable.

Touring Equipment: Required.

Skis with touring bindings or splitboard, Don’t forget your poles……

Climbing skins


Water bottle

As much food as you need for a day of high output activity.

Other Gear: Optional

Layers… Dress in layers.

Thin synthetic or wool base layer. A thin wool sweater or fleece mid-layer.

Packable down or synthetic jacket.

Waterproof outer shell for the downs. Puffy’s never win in a fight with a tree.

Two pairs of gloves. Wet cold gloves are no fun.

Sunglasses. Are really nice when you take a branch to the face.

Goggles with the appropriate tint for the conditions.

Crushable trucker hat. Helps prevent snow or sun in your face while skinning.